welcome to the illegalist

the illegalist serves as a clearinghouse for activities which may be of interest to anarchists in the bay area of california. the illegalist is not intended to facilitate debate, forward communiques or provide analysis. the illegalist hopes to smash the vacuum created by facebook events pages (although the illegalist will admittedly link to facebook events pages). the illegalist will fail horribly at organizing the unorganizable but hey, why not give it a shot?

the locked up comrades page is set up to provide information on how to support our locally imprisoned loved ones. it is not meant to invisibilize comrades behind bars elsewhere but to make sure our friends locked up here are taken care of. if you know someone who is not featured on the illegalist but should be email theillegalist@riseup.net

the court solidarity page serves as a calendar for comrades facing charges or other types of state repression. with all of the arrests during and following last autumn’s uprisings it has become difficult for many of us to keep track of individual’s charges let alone specific court dates. if you or a friend should be featured on the court solidarity page email theillegalist@riseup.net

the illegalist has set up an (anti)social events page as well. the (anti)social events page is intended to document upcoming parties, organizing events, meetings, convergences, assemblies, etc. If you know of an (anti)social event that should be featured on the illegalist email theillegalist@riseup.net

the actions page is self explanatory. let our struggles be endless and may they never leave the streets.



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